Sublunar and Supralunar Soul in Horary

In a free (invitational) Horary Webinar – Astrologer in Bergisch Gladbach bei Köln – Germany – December 6th, 2021 – started at 19/00 hrs. – The Asc. had changed during the webinar from Asc. in Cancer to Leo with the moon in Exile in Capricorn. – The last Question in the Webinar was:

„What is it, my Soul want’s to tell me (Was will mir meine Seele sagen?)“

Considering the Tradition about the sublunar and supralunar Souls – is that a valid Horary Question?,%20Germany&narozeni_sirka_stupne=50&narozeni_sirka_minuty=59&narozeni_sirka_smer=0&narozeni_delka_stupne=7&narozeni_delka_minuty=8&narozeni_delka_smer=0&narozeni_timezone_form=auto&narozeni_timezone_dst_form=auto&house_system=whole_horizon&hid_fortune=&hid_fortune_check=on&hid_vertex=on&hid_vertex_check=&hid_chiron=on&hid_chiron_check=&hid_lilith=on&hid_lilith_check=&hid_uzel=&hid_uzel_check=on&tolerance=1&tolerance_paral=0&aya=&&radix=1&aktivni_tab=1&house_system=whole

Well, this of course depends on wether or not one associates the soul with the Moon. – It could be, that the soul is represented by the Sun. Moon as the Soul could be too modern a notion. – In a horary, one should delineate the complete chart, with an emphasis on the ruler of the 1st place representing the querent of course, and the Moon because she is signifying what is going on, what is currently going on in the querent’s life. Perhaps even the Lot of Fortune as what is pertinent at the moment, what is is all about in reality (perhaps). – But the entire chart represents what the Soul wants to tell, should that be the question. – In case of the soul it’s not about the moon, it’s about the ruler of the fourth place. – It makes a lot of sense to differentiate between the person itself [ruler of the first place] and his feelings [moon] in a horary chart. Then consequently there is a clue, whether there is a contradiction between mind and feelings/emotions for example.

Also this:

If someone works closely with delineation of the natives soul, he might find such a question frivolous in the context of horary. There are way too many factors involved in delineating a “Living Soul”. That question fairly belongs to natal astrology! Earlier astrologers attempted to read the thoughts and intents of the heart through horary but that is not the same as asking what their soul wants to tell them, because that is something sacred to natal astrology. – To know the soul given to a native is the only way to understand how and what leads it through life. – If someone has no way of knowing their birth time then it is a fair question to ask. If it is known or knowable then the question becomes absurd.