Hairesis Sect and Chart – Analysis

Most Positive PlanetWohltäterit’s House is the most fortunate Area in Life

Day – Jupiter

Night – Venus

Most Negative PlanetÜbeltäterit’s House is the most unfortunate Area in Life

Day  — Mars

Night — Saturn


Der Tierkreiszeichenmensch | Astrologie-Zentrum Hannover

Dignities –

Descriptive – not judgemental / evaluative – not good/evil –

Drekkana & Navamsha | Rok Koritnik Astrologer

Peregrin Planets

Egyptian – Bounds => Implementation (from Prof. Charles Obert)

Getting Things done – Low Level Managers – Where the Rubber hits the Road – „OK, I will implement it, but on my Terms“


A Closer Look at Triplicity | Reference cards, Closer, Astrology

Receptions – The Master of the NativityRuler of the ChartTemperaments – The three most dignified Planets – Chain of Dispositors


900+ Astrology ideas in 2021 | astrology, zodiac, zodiac signs

I. The Ascendent – + Decans for Appearance (Obert)

II. Sun and Moon

III. Quality of Soul

IV. Significations for Family and Marriage Aspects

V. Significations for Professional Aspects

VI. Significations for Spiritual Aspects – Philosophy – Faith

VII. Significations for Support Groups – Triplicities Aspects as Family /Friends – Dignity – Only 2 Rulers Concept

VIII. Moon Void of Course – Planets Void of Course

IX. Genius / Daimon in the Chart – Decans as Minor Gods (Obert) – ruling the Chart Part without Authority? – Strange Flavour as a Dignity (Obert) – A planet that has only Face/Decan can offer volunteer-work (Obert)